Posted on December 19 2022

Chukka Boots Guide.

Anyone who knows anything about shoes knows that there are different shoes for different functions. Chukka boots are stylish footwear with unique aesthetics and comfortability that cannot be found in other shoes. Chukka boots are ideal for casual outfits as well as semi-formal outfits. Chukka boots are as versatile as they are fashionable. If your shoe collection does not include a pair of chukka boots order yours right away.

The name “Chukka boot” is believed to have originated from the game of polo. In polo, “chukka” refers to a seven and a half period of play. Chukka boots became popular when the duke of Windsor wore them in 1924. Chukka boots can be made from leather or suede, a common n color is a brown hue, but in recent times, there have been other colors as well as materials.
Easily confused with desert boots, chukka boots share a fairly similar appearance with the former, however, there are distinctions. Desert boots are actually a specific type of chukka boots. In this case, chukka boots are the broader classification of footwear. The outstanding feature of a desert boot is its sole. Desert boots were designed based on the boots British soldiers wore in their desert campaigns. They often have rubber soles with more casual materials compared to other chukka boots.

Wearing Chukka Boots

Chukka boots can be work for a number of situations. Although chukka boots are casual footwear, they can also serve as dress shoes. Chukka boots pair very nicely with smart casual and business casual outfits. With your chukka boots, you can pull off a distinctive stylish look with a wide range of clothing options.
When wearing chukka boots for casual occasions, you can decide to pair your chukka boots with a nice pair of jeans that will fit nicely with a number of jackets and shirts. A good example is pairing a pair of blue jeans with brown chukka boots and a white denim jacket. A laid back style of chukka boots (brown hue or suede) will give the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.
If the occasion requires a smart casual look, you can bring classic shape of your chukka boots to complete a classy and stylish smart casual look. You may choose to select a black pair of chukka boots so as to easily pair them with other stylish pieces of clothing. You could go for a blazer or chinos jacket worn over a crew neck t-shirt or casual shirt and a pair of black jeans.
Business casual occasions can also be a great opportunity to rock your favorite pair of chukka boots. You can pull off the most elegant and stylish business casual looks and complete it with a lovely pair of chukka boots. Try selecting a pair of chukka boots in a darker hue to complete garments that are smart as well as sharp. You can pair your chukka boots with a pair of chinos or trousers, a bright colored shirt and blazer or sweater will bring your stylish look to a perfect climax.



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