The Origin And The Re-Emergence Of Velvet Loafers In Modern Fashion

Posted on July 17 2014

Velvet loafers as they are affectionately referred to in today’s fashion lingua, were originally known as, and are still known as; the Prince Albert slippers or Albert slippers. They were so named because these slippers were made popular by the 19th century Prince Consort who was the husband of Queen Victoria.

Albert, Prince Consort was known to be a gentleman who wore the finest clothes indoors and outdoors. The slippers then were made of leather soles, had a quilted silk lining and cushioned interior, velvet exterior, and an insignia or exquisite embroidery on the vamp.

The Prince Albert slippers are still made of similar design even in today’s modern fashion. They are still associated with the fashion of the royals as well as gentlemen. Over the years, more emphasis has been placed on their design for regular outdoor wear. Although women now wear them, the Albert slippers were originally men’s velvet loafers.

The Prince Albert slippers are usually black velvet loafers and are also ideal travel slippers. Wearing a pair of these distinguished and classic pair of footwear not only looks noble but it almost transcends the wearer to a mental space of royalty. Who knew men’s velvet slippers would still continue to be so influential.

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